We charge 10% of your proceeds plus VAT for the services we provide. Of course, this means that up to 90% of the funds you raise are spent locally. How you split the funds between the Prize Fund and the Community Fund is up to you but we recommend a 50/50 split net of any additional costs you may incur.

10% is highly competitive. It is not unusual for external lottery management companies to charge much more. We keep our costs low because we are focused on community benefit and working in close cooperation supporting you, the lottery provider. It means we split the workload and have clear delineation of responsibilities. It also means that we ask you, in some areas, to operate to standard policies and procedures.

We invoice you for each lottery draw, usually monthly, and all of the costs are clearly broken down into the work activities and services delivered. Normally, we ask our customers to agree to a 1 year service delivery agreement.

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